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About Me


I am currently pursuing a PhD in Human Development and Family Studies at Penn State. My research tends to focus on couple and coparenting relationships, especially around the transition to parenthood, the influence of having and raising children on parents, and the interaction of media and family life. My family is very important to me, and I love going home every day to my wonderful wife and children.

Featured Posts

  • Sleepy?

    Ever wondered how parents get their infants to sleep? Researchers at Penn State are looking at exactly that...

  • Mindful Parenting

    Ever wondered how you can stop reacting to your kids?

  • Family Video Gaming

    After years of research indicating that video gaming has negative influence on an individual, Brigham Young University researchers have found a positive in video gaming. It is a daddy-daughter thing...

  • Child Development

    Are you worried that your child isn't saying enough words yet, or isn't walking and he's already a year old?

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